Mercury 2

Endless possibilities. New features. Same nostalgia.

Release Candidate

A refurbished experience

New features.

Mercury aims to be the foremost platform of its kind, and the Mercury website plays a prominent part in this. After years of testing, tinkering, and tweaking, we've landed on a stack that combines rock-solid stability with a flexible foundation for the future.

Limitless possibilities.

Mercury provides everything you would expect from a modern revival platform and then some:

  • An expansive catalog for character customisation
  • An innovative, robust, and intuitive user interface
  • A vast variety of places and games to explore
  • And communication features that help foster a sense of connection and community within Mercury.

Same nostalgia.

Mercury still uses the exact same client as the previous iteration. Our philosophy when it comes to our client is to make sure that it is accurately represented. The end-goal with our client is to implement every feature that it originally had.

Screenshot of Mercury games page
Screenshot of Mercury catalog page
Screenshot of Mercury profile page

Security and privacy

Data protection

We take the security and privacy of our users very seriously. No identifying information is stored on our servers, and no data is shared with third parties. Further detail can be found in our privacy policy.

Vulnerability management

Careful technology choices ensure that Mercury isn't vulnerable to the same attacks that plague similar platforms. We're constantly monitoring and updating our systems to ensure that users are safe – and a streamlined reporting system allows us to respond to any security concerns quickly and effectively.

Transparency and trust

Professional developers

A group of experienced developers are behind Mercury, and we're committed to improving user experience and security. We aim to remain transparent and open about our development process and decisions.

Community outreach

Our team of testers contribute extensively to the platform's development and direction, and we're always open to feedback and suggestions from the community.

Screenshot of Mercury library usage
Screenshot of Mercury library usage

Development experience

Library usage

We put a strong emphasis on library usage to improve development speed and maintainability. Mercury is the first revival platform to utilise modern libraries and frameworks backported from contemporary Lua, Luau, and JavaScript ecosystems.

Optimisation and stability

Mercury makes use of techniques borrowed from modern game development to boost performance and reduce latency. Our optimisations have already been proven to improve user experience – for example, place joining on Mercury is 30-40% faster than competing platforms.

Mercury 2

Endless possibilities. New features. Same nostalgia.